Basic CMYKAlright, now we know that Grown Ups is a hit and Adam Sandler is absolutely uncrushable. We thought That’s My Boy and Jack & Jill might have done him in, and Sony did too which is why they let Happy Madison take their business elsewhere. What a huge mistake that looks like as the former SNL star’s latest is posting a $40 million plus opening weekend all while Rotten Tomatoes shakes its head with an abysmal 7%.

That said, Sony is probably contemplating right now how they might get the Sand Man back into the fold seeing how he recently took his Drew Barrymore reunion Blended to Warner Bros. Enter Grown Ups 3. No, there is not an executive out their spouting their insistence on a third installment just yet, but I have been at this long enough to know that by Monday morning, the green light will have been given to start development on such a pic.

Furthermore, Adam Sandler is definitely not the type of guy to go looking for ‘creative originality,’ so it is hard to believe he will pass up the opportunity to work with his buddies in this capacity one more time. The big question might be whether Rob Schneider will come back or not (he sat out the last one because his wife was having a baby) because this thing is a lock.

Expect reports to surface soon because this $80 million production will hit profitability sooner rather than later.