kevin costnerThe Kevin Costner career surge continues! A month after filming Draft Day and just two weeks after joining McFarland, the Man of Steel star has joined the production of another thriller called Midnight Delivery, this one being produced by Guillermo del Toro. That does not mean the Pacific Rim helmer will direct though (he is preoccupied with the horror film Crimson Peak and later Beauty and the Beast,) but rather that he will be on-hand much like his participation in the Jessica Chastain film Mama.

There is no director just yet, but Del Toro did co-write this one with Luther’s Neil Cross. Its story centers on a father attempting to save his estranged daughter from a Colombian gang by trafficking cocaine on a midnight flight to London.

This is not too dissimilar in tone to another thriller Kevin Costner just starred in for McG called Three Days to Kill. Set for release in February 2014, that pic hails from Luc Besson’s production company and casts Costner as a Secret Service agent taking on one last assignment in exchange for a life-saving, experimental drug. As for the similarity, his character in that one also has an estranged daughter, thus creating a near-identical emotional hook.

All this is very exciting for fans of Costner who have sense forgiven the man for Waterworld. His next film is Jack Ryan releasing this Christmas. It is a spy thriller that has him supporting Chris Pine as his co-star plays the title character opposite Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh. This Tom Clancy-created franchise is pretty uncrushable, so expect the film to become a household mention when it reenters the mainstream view in the coming months.