tina feyThe season premiere announcement for Saturday Night Live came down today, bringing with it host details in the form of Tina Fey, Miley Cyrus, and Bruce Willis in that order starting September 28. Former cast member Fey has returned to the program countless times since her exit seven years ago, so that should go down without much in the way of reaction although concerns lie with week two. I think many will consider Cyrus to be a bold choice in light of her VMA performance, yet it could easily end up in the regret column.

SNL had some of the most-stable ratings in its history last year, but this is a polarizing selection that may lead some to avoid the episode. The narrative from the press on her has been ‘she’s transforming from teen to adult.’ The reality is that she is currently building a career based on parody which is causing a tremendous amount of resentment, especially considering it’s bad parody. While Bruce Willis has had his own bad press as of late (after turning down $3 million for 4 days work on The Expendables 3 and berating a press junket reporter,) it is probably safe to say he is going to go down easier with the sketch comedy series’ fan base.

Press Release:


October 5 – Miley Cyrus/ Miley Cyrus; October 12 – Bruce Willis/ Katy Perry

New York, NY – September 9, 2013 – SNL enters its 39th season on September 28 with the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Tina Fey returning for her fourth appearance as host.  Arcade Fire will also return for their fourth appearance as musical guest.  The Grammy winners’ upcoming album is due out October 29.

On October 5, Miley Cyrus returns to SNL to pull double duty as host and musical guest.  Cyrus’ newest album, “Bangerz” will be released October 8, featuring double-platinum lead single, “We Can’t Stop” as well as her brand new single “Wrecking Ball.”

On October 12, blockbuster star Bruce Willis will return to Studio 8H for his second appearance as host. Katy Perry will make her second appearance as musical guest.  Perry’s upcoming album, “Prism” has already spun the Billboard Hot 100 number one single, “Roar.”

“Saturday Night Live” is produced in association with Broadway Video. The creator and executive producer is Lorne Michaels.